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Welcome to Hot Tub Forums!

This is a FREE forum for spa and hot tub owners, technicians, and those seeking to buy a new or used spa or hot tub. We will never charge a price for joining the community!

A forum works by participation. If you have a question, ask it. If you have an answer to a question, please post an answer!
There are no wrong questions to ask except the ones you fail to ask!

Why Did We Start a New Spa and Hot Tub Forum?

Many of our moderators were members or moderators on other spa and hot tub forums. There was never enough help on those forums and some have over 350 unanswered posts. What good is a forum if no one answers? We have sought out some of the best minds in the spa and hot tub industry to help spa owners and future spa owners make wise and cost-effective solutions.

The amount of time it takes to run a forum is huge - and all of our lives are busy as it is. There is no monetary advantage to having a forum - the payback just is not there. Some of our moderators are in the spa and hot tub business and their expertise is crucial to the success of this forum and the satisfaction of those seeking answers. So you may see some ads now and then and some links to their websites. If they helped you answer the questions, then we simply ask that you give them a shot at the replacement part you are seeking. Fair enough?

Who are the Moderators on

Most of us grew up in the spa and hot tub business. There has been much consolidation in the past 5 years and many of us (like many of you) have been victims of those consolidations and downsizing. So we went into business for ourselves - some in the business and some completely out of the spa and hot tub business.
But we have years (in most cases, up to 25 years!) of troubleshooting spas and the components that make up spas and hot tubs.
We have industry experts on heaters, controls, pumps, motors, blowers, ozonators and spa covers. Many of us designed plumbing schematics for spas. Others dealt with the GFCI and breaker issues as spa technicians.
Our goal will be to bring together the best and brightest minds in the spa industry over the past 25 years.
We know this by our experience on other spa and hot tub forums - Our experience exceeds that found on all other forums. We can state that because we are the people who built the spa and hot tub market!

Ready to Join Us?

You will need to sign up as a member to post to the forum. You do not have to join if all you want to do is read the forum. There is no obligation to join, no fee and we certainly do not share your email information with anyone. Joining simply means that you can post questions and answer questions, share your experiences and help others.

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